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Sarah M

Tallking with Jillian was like having a really productive chat with a good friend. She helped me work out what was holding me back in business and challenged me to find new ways to get over my fears in order to move forward.

Since working with her, not only is my business thriving, but so am I. Her expertise and soothing demeanor go a long way in helping to break down barriers and get you on the right track. She genuinely wants you to succeed and will stay the course with you even when it gets rough, in order to make sure you accomplish your goals. 

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Bruce, L

Ms. Speck is a warm and empathetic person. She was able to intuitively zero in on what was within me that was holding me back from moving forward in my life. She helped me to set reasonable goals and she recommended realistic strategies which I was able to employ in my life to help me to move forward toward reaching those goals.

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Jennifer, B

Jillian listened attentively to my story and asked pertinent questions about my background and together we were able to zero in on the issues which were preventing me from achieving my goals. She offered suggestions for way to modify my behaviours and think about things in a different way so as to change my outlook and achieve my goals.

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Emily, A

Reaching out to Jillian was THE BEST decision. Her warm approach and opennest created the ideal space to learn about myself and set achievable goals. Her guidance helped to reset my path in a more clear direction. The positive ripple affect that it had on my life was a bonus. I highly recommend Jillian's services to anyone who is ready to make healthy changes in their life- both physically and emtionall. 

One day or day one? Ready to be heard?

Note: Due to the current COVID-19 Crisis, all coaching sessions will be virtual/online until further notice.

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