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Before attending university and living an extensive life of world travel, I spent most of my formative years performing on stage while attending the National Ballet of Canada, in addition to figure skating. 

Creativity in all forms has been a great passion and a large part of my life. I have enjoyed many art classes in Canada, as well as abroad at San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Columbia. 

From a very young age, I found myself volunteering to help others. Throughout the years I have come to the realization that my true purpose and calling is to help and to guide others in their personal growth. My passion is to help them to reach their full potential by helping them to obtain their goals and dreams. 

In my downtime, I love to spend time with my three teenage sons, family, and friends. The hobbies I most enjoy are cooking, painting, reading, travel, dance, hiking, and playing tennis. 


One day or day one? Ready to be heard?

Note: Due to the current COVID-19 Crisis, all coaching sessions will be virtual/online until further notice.

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