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6 Cool Brands Making Non-Alcoholic Beverages

I realize that some people might still want to partake in the fun of drinking without the hangover. But for other people it might be a bit triggering. You get to decide what works best for you.

That’s what I love about the way I work with clients. Everyone can be successful when they write their own rules and forge their own paths.

So if you feel like having a mocktail or non-alcoholic beer every once in a while would be fun for you, I’ve rounded up a few up and coming brands that I think are worth checking out.

MotherShrub Drinking Vinegars

Ok, I know it sounds wild to drink vinegar, but stick with me for a second. If you love kombucha, you’re in the right place. These drinking vinegars are infused with flavors like ginger, lime, grapefruit, salted honey, cranberry and black cherry.

Fair warning: They also have recipes for real cocktails, but I love just mixing these with one fixxy seltzer water they’re the perfect (and super easy) mocktail-like drink for you to enjoy! The sweetness of the sugar, and the tart of the vinegar make a perfectly balanced drink in my book. Read more on their website.



This one is from Real Housewife of New York Luann de Lesseps. After getting in some legal trouble and having to stop drinking completely while on probation. She realized that she missed drinking and didn’t feel like she was part of the group without a drink in her hand.

I realize that for some people, holding a wine glass and drinking a non-alcoholic drink could potentially make them want to have the real deal. But if that’s not the case for you, something like LuAnn’s Fosé could be for you. It’s low calorie and not as sweet as your typical mocktail. Check it out here.


Athletic Brewing Company

Look out O'doul's, there’s a new hip non-alcoholic beer on the scene! The branding alone on these gives any cool craft beer a run for its money.

They have flavors like One in a Melon Mojito, The Mango Lassie, Running Wild, and Upside Dawn.

If they taste even half as good as they look, you’re in good hands. Learn more on their website.



The website says, “drinks and powders to help you feel calm and cool collected despite the stressful world around you.” And who couldn’t use a little more calm and cool in their lives?

One of the testimonials on the website says, “It’s calming and comforting properties have been satisfying enough for me to skip my evening glass of wine or cocktail.” I know it can be hard when you’re taking a break from alcohol to get that same relaxing feeling, so perhaps this sparkling water infused with hemp could do the trick. Check them out here.


Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits

If the Athletic Brewing Company is for drinking around a fire pit, Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits are for your fanciest cocktail dress and a night out on the town.

Delicious Magazine says, “The Lyre’s range taste exactly like their boozy brothers.” Their website has a ton of recipes like margaritas, cosmos,negronis, and martinis just to name a few. They also sell the mocktails premixed so it’s super easy to enjoy one of these the next time you’re craving a drink sans the hangover. Learn more on their website.


De Soi

Last but certainly not least we have De Soi where they savor the flavor and lose the booze. From co-founder Katy Perry it’s a range of non-alcoholic apéritifs made with natural adaptogens.

They’re both creative professionals and moms and wanted to be able to enjoy a drink or two with friends without the side effects of typical alcoholic beverages, so they started the company. They have lots of fun flavors and you can even mix and match to make your own variety pack. And the bottles are super cute if ya ask me. Check out their website for more.

Whatever you choose…

Just remember that you’re the boss. Some people love having a drink in their hand whether it’s a mocktail or an occasional cocktail. But you know what’s best for you when it comes to this stuff.

There’s no one size fits all solution.

That’s why I really love working one-on-one with clients to figure out what will work best for them. And even when you think you know what could work best for you, it could change. And that’s ok, we just re-adjust the plan.

If you think you want help navigating your sober curiosity or just with your overall wellness, send me an email or book a complimentary mini-session so we can chat about what you’re looking for!

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